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​​This week's text is...

From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons
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This informational text is most appropriate for students in grades 2-5

Possible Minilessons for Writing Workshop:  

  • Author’s purpose: Gail Gibbons teaches children about the life cycle of a plant through simple text and descriptive illustrations with labels
  • Structure that highlights each step of the process of a plant growing from a seed
  • Text is narrated in the third person
  • Using simple text to break down each step in the life cycle of a plant
  • Sequential order of the text and illustrations
  • Diagrams with labels provide additional information
  • Illustrations are simple, clear and close up to provide explanation
  • Connection to science standards
  • Examples of important vocabulary, which is defined for the reader
  • Showing younger writers that illustrations teach the reader
  • Includes nonfiction text features: diagrams, a how-to book and interesting facts
  • Illustrations show action
  • Transitional phrases
  • In addition to the life cycle of the plants, this text teaches types of plants such as flowers, fruits and vegetables
  • Includes a science experiment, how-to raise bean plants with numbered steps and strong verbs​
  • Additional facts at the end of the book to continue to interest the reader